Banknote 10 rubles 1866-1886 of the Russian Empire

How much does Banknote 10 rubles 1866-1886 of the Russian Empire cost?

How much does Banknote 10 rubles 1866-1886 of the Russian Empire cost?


Year1866, 1870, 1872, 1874, 1876, 1878, 1880 188, 1884, 1886
Face Value10 rubles
Front"State credit / ticket. / Upon presentation, it is issued from the exchange / cash of the State Bank / TEN RUBLES / silver or gold coin ". Below are the printed (facsimile) signatures of the manager and one of the cashiers. On the left are imperial regalia, as well as the small Russian State Emblem of 1857. On the right side, against the background of the Roman numeral "X", the figure "10" is marked.
BackThe text of the "extract from the Highest Manifesto on credit cards" was repeated four times. Also there are two small guilloche rosettes on top of which the figures are "10", between which is a portrait of Mikhail Fedorovich (from the portrait of the tsar from the Romanov Gallery of the Hermitage).
WatermarksIn the corners the figure is "10", the abbreviation "G. K. B. », below the year of issue of the banknote.
Emissive centerExpedition of State Credit Tickets
Date of issueOn April 15, 1869, according to the decree of March 27, 1868 (No. 45652).
Date of impressmentIt was exchanged for tickets of the model of 1887 according to the decree of May 25, 1888 (No. 5229), starting from January 1, 1890 to January 1, 1893. Canceled: May 1, 1894.
MaterialPaper made from pure hemp.
Size166×98 mm
ColoursThe background is red. The figure is red. Printing is black.
Front legend"ГОСУДАРСТВЕННЫЙ КРЕДИТНЫЙ БИЛЕТЪ." (The letter" G "has patterns and vignettes), below the small print - "По предъявленiи выдается изъ разменной кассы Государственного Банка", then denomination is large - "ДЕСЯТЬ РУБЛЕЙ", under the face value in handwritten type - "серебряною или золотою монетою."
Back legend"МИХАИЛЪ ФЕДОРОВИЧЪ ГОСУДАРЬ ЦАРЬ И ВЕЛИКIЙ КНЯЗЬ ВСЕЯ РОСIИ САМОДЕРЖЕЦЪ". On the sides there are guilloche rosettes with the numbers "10". Under the portrait the date is "1870.". At the top of the line is "ИЗВЛЕЧЕНIЕ ИЗЪ ВЫСОЧАЙШАГО МАНИФЕСТА О КРЕДИТНЫХЪ БИЛЕТАХЪ."
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