Banknote 10 rubles 1894 of the Russian Empire

How much does Banknote 10 rubles 1894 of the Russian Empire cost?

How much does Banknote 10 rubles 1894 of the Russian Empire cost?


Face Value10 rubles
Front«Государственный кредитный Билет», «ДЕСЯТЬ РУБЛЕЙ» and «По предъявлении выдается из разменной кассы Государственного Банка десять рублей серебряною или золотою монетой», Still there is below the signature of the manager and the cashier. All these inscriptions are located on the background of the figure "10". At the corners in the guilloche rosettes the figure is "10", in the center also in the rosettes is the Roman numeral "X". In the center is the main image: a woman's shame, symbolizing Russia, in rich princely clothes and a hat of Monomakh. In the left hand there is a branch, in the right hand a shield with the image of a small state emblem of the 1883 model. On the frame above the year is "1894".
BackIn the corners of the figure «10». Extraction from the Highest Manifesto. In the center, the image of the small state emblem of the 1883 sample, above the figure "10", is below the word "rub."
WatermarksFigures "10" at an angle.
Emissive centerExpedition of State Credit Tickets
Date of issueHighest approved by decree of 1894 (No. 11150) and put into circulation in accordance with the decree of May 2, 1895 (No. 11617) in August 1895.
Date of impressmentProduced in 1898. Formally in circulation until October 1, 1922, according to the Decree of the Council of People's Commissars of September 8, 1922, they lost their payment power.
Size104×174 mm
ColoursBackground red, green and yellow. Drawing and text of red color.
Front legend"По предъявленiи выдается изъ разменной кассы Государственного Банка", further denomination is large- "ДЕСЯТЬ РУБЛЕЙ", at par - "СЕРЕБРЯНОЮ ИЛИ ЗОЛОТОЮ МОНЕТОЮ."
Back legendExtraction from the Highest Manifesto, "10 рублей"
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