Banknote 25 rubles 1876 of the Russian Empire

How much does Banknote 25 rubles 1876 of the Russian Empire cost?

How much does Banknote 25 rubles 1876 of the Russian Empire cost?


Year1876, 1882, 1884, 1886
Face Value25 rubles
Front«Государственный Кредитный Билет». Below left and right is the issue date and the serial number of the ticket printed over it. In the upper left corner there is a small State Emblem of Russia of the model of 1857. In the center of the ticket a text similar to the text on credit cards of the 1866 sample is printed: «По предъявлении выдается из Разменной / Кассы Государственного Банка Двадцать пять / рублей серебряною или золото монетою», italic. At the bottom there are printed (facsimile) signatures of the governor of the State Bank and one of the bank's cashiers.
BackPrinted on one side on white paper with rounded corners sheets of 2 pieces per sheet.
WatermarksCeremonial portrait of Tsar Alexis Mikhailovich.
Emissive centerExpedition of State Credit Tickets
Date of issueJanuary 15, 1881. According to the decrees of October 20, 1880 (No. 61454) and of December 13, 1880 (No. 61662).
Date of impressmentProduced until 1887. Annulled: from January 1, 1890, exchanged for a credit card of the sample in 1887, according to the decree of May 25, 1888 (No. 5229).
Size192×128 mm
ColoursThe coat of arms and the blue color.
Front legend"По предъявленiи выдается изъ разменной кассы Государственного Банка", Further denomination is large -"ДВАДЦАТЬ ПЯТЬ РУБЛЕЙ", Under the face value -"СЕРЕБРЯНОЮ ИЛИ ЗОЛОТОЮ МОНЕТОЮ."
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